Upcomings Events:

Dr. Siri Sat Nam will be hosting a peer counseling weekend designed for licensed therapists, social workers and/or interns;  this particular workshop will be limited to 20 selected individuals.

As professional caregivers, who takes care of us? This workshop will be a time where a safe space will be created to rejuvenate and elevate.  We will hear lectures, engage in exercises as we simultaneously listen to others while deepening into ourselves to enhance our future work in the field of psychology.

A special part of the weekend will focus on the specialized Trance work (developed over 20 years) which Dr. Siri has been utilizing that transforms the cellular memory of the clients; now is the time to present this revolutionary technique to those who work in the field. From one session to the next, clients become unstuck and shift into an evolution of consciousness that surpasses the highest potential of simple talk therapy. This will be the first time that Dr. Siri would have explained and taught this technique publicly. It was Dr. Siri’s Master Teacher, Yogi Bhajan who stated, “when you begin to use the Word” (in the Trance work) “there will be no one that you will not be able to heal”.

I encourage those who have a desire to commune with peers around the globe to answer the 9 accompanying questions and submit the completed form.  You will be notified of your selection status.  I look forward to this weekend of personal growth!

Attached is a link to the agenda. If you’re selected, you will be given a link to reserve your placement at the workshop.

If you have any questions please contact info@sirisatnam.com

Please read full Disclaimer here.

Sitting with Siri Questionnaire